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BoLoader 0.7 - Black Ops Multiplayer Bot Loader

BoLoader 0.7 - Black Ops Multiplayer Bot Loader
Which version do I need to run this:
- supports ONLY update 4 plus its fix ! NOT update 1 / 2 / 3 or update 1 / 2 / 3 fix
You got crashes with the game/console or something:
- You used the wrong update / game version / game fix with it!! (Dont ask me for details, use brain why I cant say more clear!)
EDIT: fatal error is a crash too. dont say you have the right update/fix and your game still crashes!! - you may have installed
it but forgot to use the fix or you have installed it and made some changes to your game caused by the "how-to-get-bots"-tutorials you used before. then reinstall the game and the update 4+fix and try again!
The game needs steam:
- Not when you use the loader and right version/fix!
Game doesnt start when press something in menu:
- You dont have to start the game by clicking something in menu, you have to start it by hotkey (ALT + F10) !!
The console didnt open on ALT+F10:
- You did not choose/setup or enter the right key in "open console key" its the tilde key (the key under "esc")!
EDIT: you can add/enter an own (tilde)-key if yours is not in the defaultlist. so find out which is your key to open
console and enter in the loader then save/start!!!
when the console still will not be opened (manual will not work too!)
Go to your gamemenu and check if you did enable console (there is an option for it!)
The game seems freezed after ALT+F10:
- It needs some time to load thats normal
Where can you change weapons/streak stuff:
- Well, there are .gsc files in mod directory. make the changes in the mod you want to play (not in _rank.gsc!), then select it (custom MOD)!
I want play own/other mods. - how?
- Select them with "custom MOD" and play
My game doesn´t start when I press "save/start"
- reason 90% sure: your antivirus deletes/blocks the TeknoBO.exe !!
This file is a part of the tool. Its the loader which starts the game and makes some memory patches on the fly. If its blocked from executing then nothing happens.
- If the game will still not start then you dont use the right fix (update 4 - still the same(!))
1. Extract to Black Ops directory
2. Run from BOLoader.exe
3. Have fun!!!
Black Ops Multiplayer-с ботове
1.инсталирайте Call of duty-Black ops-skidrow
2.инсталирайте Call of Duty: Black Ops Update 1 [SKIDROW]
3.инсталираите Call of Duty: Black Ops Update 2/3 [SKIDROW]
4.инсталираите Call of Duty: Black Ops Update 4[SKIDROW]
4.поставете BOLoader.exe в папката където сте инсталирали играта
5.Стартирайте BOLoader.exe
6.изберете клавиш за отваряне конзолата направете, ако искате някакви промени(избор на карта,смяна на име,брой играчи,избор на мод _rankKillstreakV3.gsc с killstreak)
7.натиснете save/start
8.при зареждането на играта натиснете Alt и F10
9.забавлявайте се!

ето линк за сваляне: ИЗТЕГЛИ ОТ ТУК/DOWNLOAD
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